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Empowering self-managed teams with agile solutions

Discover how GlassFrog streamlines self-management practices for teams committed to frameworks like Holacracy, Teal, Agile, and Sociocracy.
the challenge

Navigating complexities in self-organization

While self-managed teams aim for efficiency and flexibility, coordinating within these frameworks can often become a tangled affair. Without the help of an organizational coach, it can be difficult to train new employees and scale the benefits that the agile methodologies of self-management can yield.
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Creating clarity amongst chaos

Teams well-versed in self-management principles still struggle with disjointed tools, unclear accountabilities, and static governance structures that slow down their progress.
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Software that supports your practice

Even the most practiced self organized team can find themselves hindered by unclear decision rights, leading to indecision and delayed project momentum.
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The right tool for the right job

Most third-party tools don't quite sync up with self-organized methodologies and agile processes. This causes more friction and tension, rather than solving for them.
The Solution

Simplify self-management

GlassFrog is not just a tool; it's the backbone of your self-organized team. Our platform is designed to harmonize with your existing methods, whether it's Holacracy or Sociocracy, ensuring that your agile journey is seamless and effective.
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Empower any self-management practice
Integrate the principles of Holacracy, Agile, or Sociocracy into a unified system that enhances clarity and facilitates real-time updates.
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Clarify roles and responsibilities
GlassFrog provides a dynamic and transparent structure for defining roles, distributing tasks, and aligning every circle member with their responsibilities.
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Unify self-organized work and project management
Integrate your favorite project management tools with GlassFrog for seamless operations. Record every project update or policy change in real-time.
How it works
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Features for the future

Built for teams who believe in distributed management, GlassFrog offers features that not only address current pain points but also pave the way for future growth and adaptability.

Dynamic role allocation

GlassFrog's dynamic role assignments reflect the real-time needs of your projects, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be.

Clarified roles and responsibilties

Adapt your governance records in minutes, not months, with GlassFrog's real-time update mechanisms, making policy changes straightforward and stress-free.

Making work seamless

At the forefront of GlassFrog's design is the capability to integrate seamlessly with your current project management tools, enhancing your team's ability to conduct effective meetings and align on goals.

Seamless integration with your favorite tools

Integrate work across systems like Asana and JIRA to create unity across project management and self management software.

Collaborate with real-time communications

Tag individual roles or departments, propose governance changes or call tensions to a meeting with GlassFrog's Slack integration.
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A dashboard showing percent to target and owner labels for associated company goals

Metrics that matter

GlassFrog unifies metrics, project updates, and strategies in the same platform for a clear view of organizational goals.

Clear alignment on projects and goals

Manage your projects and goals with unparalleled clarity. Establish alignment across teams, update and track progress in real-time, and increase meeting efficiency with clear next-steps.

Adapt on the fly to hit your targets

With comprehensive visibility into every aspect of your team's work, GlassFrog empowers you to make agile decisions that helps your team stay on track.
The benefits

Propel your team towards peak performance

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Unprecedented agility

GlassFrog is the catalyst that enables your team to adapt rapidly to new challenges, pivot with purpose, and meet targets with efficiency.

Enhanced collaboration

Foster a culture of open communication and collaborative success with GlassFrog's suite of integration and alignment tools.

Organizational excellence

By choosing GlassFrog, you're not just choosing a platform; you're embracing a partner that helps your team every step of the way.
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Alignment for any circle.
Clarity for every team.

See how GlassFrog benefits any team, of any size, in our product overview.
"The paid version of GlassFrog makes life simple! Capturing agenda items, drafting proposals, making proposals asynchronously, reviewing actions and projects. I can hardly imagine functioning in a self-organizing context without it."
"I am part of a team that has used this software for 5 years. It is indispensable for the running of our operation's circle meetings. Everything we need to support the smooth functioning of the organization is all in one user friendly software."
"I like that it keeps everyone and every project very transparent. It's so much easier to stay in the loop on things when you can see what everyones working on. I also like that it captures all the outputs from a meeting so even if you're unable to attend you know exactly what was talked about during it."
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