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Revolutionize your team's agility with GlassFrog - the cutting-edge self-management platform that empowers teams with clarity and autonomy.  Our AI-powered platform streamlines meetings, facilitates rapid decision-making, and enables dynamic role visualization. Don't settle for mediocrity— take the leap towards success with GlassFrog.
GlassFrog dashboard showing the roles and accountabilities for  the design and engineering team
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Why are orgs turning to self management?

Complex organizations face a clarity crisis, struggling to maintain transparency in a rapidly shifting business landscape. Self-management provides a clear path to aligning goals and actions to purposeful work.
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Transparent organizational dynamics

In many organizations, roles and responsibilities are unclear, leading to inefficiency and conflict. GlassFrog demystifies these dynamics, fostering a culture of clear accountability and purpose.
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Redefining role clarity and alignment

Static org charts are often outdated and unhelpful. GlassFrog's dynamic role definitions reflect the current reality, ensuring everyone understands their place in the organization.
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Explicit decision-making frameworks

Implicit decision-making slows progress and creates frustration. GlassFrog establishes explicit authority with written "rules of the game", enabling swift and effective action.

AI-powered clarity.
Human-led innovation.

GlassFrog puts a business-savvy AI companion who knows the company's policies, processes, and structure in the hands of every employee. Get clear on how your organization works so that you can deliver quality work, faster.
GlassFrogs AI assistant helping user to add new policies

See how teams use GlassFrog

Discover how GlassFrog can transform your team dynamics. Dive into a world of autonomy and see how we empower every team to be agile.

Level up your self management practice

Support and manage practices including Teal, Holacracy, or Sociocracy with ease.

Empower teams to work autonomously and take leadership of their role with clear accountabilities.

Help teams quickly refocus around shifting priorities, projects, and goals.

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Reimagine your development cycle with unbound agility

Let your developers decide and act quickly, bringing features to life faster than ever before.

Help teams quickly refocus around shifting business requirements and customer needs.

Eliminate boxed roles, enabling developers to wear multiple hats, enriching their skills and the product.

Developers using GlassFrog to change governance within a live meeting

Making agile methods accessible to every organization

GlassFrog revolutionizes the way teams work by bringing unmatched clarity to organizational structures, processes, and roles. With real-time meeting tools and dynamic role charts, every team member can contribute effectively, streamlining processes and enhancing innovation.
GlassFrog dashboard showing a tactical meeting dashboard with live agenda and outputs

Why organizations across the globe choose GlassFrog

Incorporating GlassFrog into your business framework ushers you into the future of work. It's not just a tool; it's a gateway to a more agile, innovative, and engaged organization.
A dashboard showing the general operations team inside of GlassFrog
A dashboard showing the general operations team inside of GlassFrog

Empower your team with the clarity they need

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Gain transparency
Eliminate confusion and clarify responsibilities even as they evolve with an easy-to-navigate role structure and dynamic organizational charts.
Improve meetings
Create a culture of efficient decision-making and collaboration using structured processes for operational decisions and governance changes.
Deliver faster
Execute and deliver better through transparent organizational rules and increased team cooperation based on agile methodologies and best practices for high-performing teams.

How GlassFrog elevates 1,000+ organizations to new heights

From startups charting their first course to enterprises navigating complex waters, GlassFrog is the compass guiding over a thousand organizations towards success.
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Amplified org agility

Organizations aren't static; they're living entities that must change, adapt, and grow. With GlassFrog, companies can pivot quickly, adapting to changing business landscapes and providing a competitive edge.
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Crystal-clear role dynamics

In today's world, where there's an abundance of data, achieving clarity is what every organization desires. GlassFrog simplifies the understanding of roles, projects, and responsibilities, providing a transparent view of your team and company's workings.
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Engaged employees

Engaged employees aren't just productive; they're passionate, innovative, and motivated. GlassFrog fosters a culture where every team member feels heard, valued, and empowered by their organization.
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Collaborative innovation

Collaboration, diverse perspectives, and collective brainstorming are the key ingredients for great ideas. GlassFrog creates an environment where teams converge and silos dissolve, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

Our customers say it best

For a team that did not have a clear way to articulate its structure, this has been an extremely helpful tool. We now have shared language and a shared way for thinking about making organizational change. It empowers our team to make the organization function as efficiently as possible.

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Overall our company has become overwhelmingly focused and 10x more productive because of GlassFrog. I like that it keeps everyone and every project very transparent. It's so much easier to stay in the loop on things when you can see what everyone’s working on.

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GlassFrog has really been a great driver in our team. In fact, I've seen our employees grow after having to go through writing a role or policy. The end result is that we have a new role or policy defined in the company with the employee gaining the knowledge of strategic/critical thinking.

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I’ve been using GlassFrog for 8 years and it is the most practicable software for a good Holacracy practice...couldn’t envision a good and mature Holacracy practice without GlassFrog.

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With GlassFrog, I am able to keep my work structured and organized. Glassfrog helps our organization meet our purpose and see information clearly. The material is clear and easy to work with.

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GlassFrog is a vital piece of software for tactical meetings, plain and simple. It helps facilitators and participants alike stay on point and move through tactical meetings efficiently and effectively.

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