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Our team is committed to delivering agile software solutions for self-managed teams. Learn more about our team, our structure and our purpose as we step into the future of work.
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Trusted by leaders in self organization
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Why we do it

GlassFrog uses the discovery framework and four aspects of purpose from Tim Kelly's "True Purpose".

See the 4 pillars of purpose we share at GlassFrog; energizing our team towards it's common goals.
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Our Essence is...

GlassFrog is the morning sun, breaking dawn with radiant clarity.
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Our Blessing is..

to provide the spark of insight that ignites the fire of evolution.
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Our Mission is...

to transform every organization into a sanctuary of clarity, passion, and purpose.
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Our Message is...

Organizational life can be so much better. Lack of clarity is the root of organizational pain, and you can’t optimize what isn’t clear to start with. Creating organizational clarity enables change, and change enables evolution; and once you’ve unleashed evolution in your company, progress isn't just possible, it's unstoppable.

Trust us to go above and beyond

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How we're structured

At GlassFrog, we deeply embrace the principles of self-management, a concept inherited from our origins with HolacracyOne. This isn't just a philosophical stance; it's woven into the very fabric of our organization.

Our approach to self-management is grounded in three key elements that collectively integrate this dynamic system into our organization's core.
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Our self-management practice

At GlassFrog, we prioritize self management. The framework we use is a variation of Holacracy, which lays out the foundational rules, structures, and processes that define our approach. The linked constitution democratizes our operations by providing every team member with clear, accessible guidelines to provide clarity and accountability.
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Our operating agreement

Our own Operating Guidelines, akin to bylaws, incorporate the Holacracy Constitution as the central governance framework. These guidelines detail specific aspects unique to our organization, including board structure, partner compensation, and investment strategies. We believe in transparency, which is why we openly share these guidelines.
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Our governance records

The Governance Records are the practical output of our governance system, shaping our everyday operations. These records, which are frequently consulted by our team members, outline expectations, define authorities, and set boundaries. They are a living document, constantly evolving with GlassFrog’s growth and changes. You can see GlassFrog's governance records and current operating structure within GlassFrog.

Why GlassFrog?

Where complexity often hinders progress and breeds confusion, GlassFrog stands as a beacon of organizational clarity and employee empowerment. Choose GlassFrog for a trusted, proven system to support your company's evolutionary growth.
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We wrote the book on organizational clarity
GlassFrog was originally created by HolacracyOne, a leading innovator in self-management. We've taken the agile principles of Holacracy and transformed them into insights any team can use.
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Our pricing is transparent and simple
GlassFrog utilizes per user per month pricing that is clear and transparent. You don't need a pricing calculator to figure out what you are going to pay. Get our full-featured product for only $6/month.
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We take data privacy seriously
GlassFrog is committed to a high standard in privacy protection, with a special focus on compliance with GDPR and other regulations. GlassFrog servers are based in the EU. We never sell your data.

Our story

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The evolution of GlassFrog

Tailored for self-managed excellence

GlassFrog emerged from a unique need – our own. It was crafted not just as a solution but as an embodiment of our commitment to effective self-management. Initially designed to address the specific challenges and intricacies of Holacracy practice, GlassFrog has evolved beyond its original scope. It began as an in-house tool for HolacracyOne, born from our firsthand experiences and insights into self-management.

From specialized beginnings to universal application

As the pioneers behind the Holacracy framework, our journey in software development is deeply intertwined with our expertise in organizational structure. This synergy has made GlassFrog the most comprehensive and robust tool available for implementing and sustaining a Holacracy practice. It's not just software; it's a reflection of our deep understanding of self-managed organizations.

Adapting to diverse organizational needs

Today, GlassFrog transcends its roots. While it was initially conceived for HolacracyOne's needs, our vision has broadened. Now, GlassFrog stands as an independent entity, equipped with the same foundational insights from Holacracy but refined to cater to organizations of various sizes and structures. It's a tool that's both specific in its origin and universal in its application. GlassFrog is designed to adapt to your unique needs, reinforcing the habits and practices essential for the success of any self-managed organization.

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