AI companion for business

FrogBot: Your partner in organizational excellence

FrogBot empowers employees to make informed decisions that align with their organization's purpose and goals. Our business-savvy AI companion helps employees easily navigate company policies, processes, and structure, providing guidance and clarity at all times.

Welcome to the future of work

With FrogBot, we are taking a giant leap forward into the workplace of tomorrow. By understanding an organization's unique dynamics, FrogBot suggests optimizations for roles, workflows, and governance structures based on employee tensions. Ultimately, this empowers employees to turn complaints into proposals that guide company progress and increase agility.
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Create agility through autonomy
Foster a culture where individuals can make decisions and manage their work effortlessly, leading to increased innovation.
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Inspire purpose-driven work
Ensure every team member feels connected to a shared purpose, boosting motivation and commitment.
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Gather collective intelligence
Leverage the collective intelligence of the workforce, resulting in robust decision-making and problem-solving.

Clarity is now a game-changing competitive advantage.

In today's fast-paced business environment, clarity is not just beneficial; it's a competitive advantage. FrogBot leverages the clarity of GlassFrog to offer valuable insights, guidance, and next steps, helping you navigate bureaucracy and maintain exceptional agility.
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Turn complaints into game-changing proposals

Unlock the power of proactive problem-solving with FrogBot. Our intelligent advisor transforms employee tensions into constructive outcomes, guiding your team toward agile operations.

AI-powered proposal builder

Guide employees toward action with an AI advisor that will walk them through building a proposal step by step.

AI suggest to empower next steps

FrogBot Suggest appears throughout the GlassFrog product to help employees when they get stuck. Benefit from real-time, AI-driven suggestions tailored to individual and team challenges.
FrogBot suggest helping a team member update an accountability on a role based on a tension
AI conversational advisor providing clarity on roles and policies

Receive guidance from tailored conversations

Maintain organizational agility at scale with FrogBot. Our AI ensures clarity and alignment, from startup to enterprise, by illuminating roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authorities.

AI-powered conversational advisor

Engage in dynamic conversations with FrogBot to express concerns or ask organization-specific questions. Discover the answers you need with nuanced and specific advice.

Clarify role and decision authority

Simply ask FrogBot, "Who does what?" to get instant clarifications on roles and decision-making authorities, ensuring everyone knows whom to turn to and how to get work done.

Streamline goal setting

Utilize FrogBot to create goals and targets that support your organization's mission and purpose.

Set goals (objectives) with ease

FrogBot assists in developing goals by aligning OKRs with company objectives, based on accountabilities, role purpose, and team structure.

Suggest targets (key results) with AI

Based on your current goals and objectives, FrogBot recommends targets to help drive progress in your organization.

Crafting tomorrow's workplace, today

GlassFrog isn't just a tool—it's a blueprint for the future of work. Turn on the features that resonate with your team’s rhythm and watch your organization thrive.

Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives at every level, integrating the process as an essential check-in to your daily operations.
Explore Goals & Targets
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Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamism and growth inherent in your company’s journey.
Explore Dynamic Org Charts
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Inclusive governance

Democratize change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level, fostering a culture where everyone is a stakeholder.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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What are the benefits of FrogBot over ChatGPT and other AI's?

While most AIs are great partners for gathering advice and feedback, business leaders are concerned about inaccurate information given to their employees. With FrogBot, you get an AI trained on your nuanced company data, so the advice and next actions are tailored to your company's purpose, mission, and goals.

What is FrogBot Suggest?

FrogBot Suggest guides employees through change management, builds Quarterly and Annual targets, and even suggests new or updated roles for the business. The FrogBot Suggest feature is present throughout the product and helps to streamline the process—simply type a tension, and FrogBot Suggest will help you determine the next action or even write a proposal for you.

What is FrogBot Chat?

FrogBot Chat is a generative AI trained on your organization's data. It allows employees to have nuanced conversations tailored to their organization, team, and individual goals, policies, and role accountabilities. The FrogBot chat appears in the lower right corner of the GlassFrog application for easy access to ask questions about the organization.

How do I get started with FrogBot?

FrogBot is offered as an additional add-on for Premium Customers, charged at $1.50 per user. For new customers, try FrogBot for free by signing up for a full-featured, 30-day free trial.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from HolaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.