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GlassFrog is continuously updated and improved with input from our expert Holacracy coaches in the field.

Holacracy Learning Tools

Holacracy best practices in bite-size lessons help your team make the leap to self-management.

“We love Habit Support, it's an excellent tool to help with learning. I want to offer it to promising hires so that they can start using the habits as they go through their initial 90 days”

—Morgan Legge, Convert.com

Q&A with expert coaches

An hour with a good coach can change everything. Ask questions and get answers from a Certified Holacracy Coach during these live monthly sessions.

Holacracy Health Metrics

Measure the health of your circle with statistics that track meeting cadence and items processed over time.

Real Time Governance and Tactical Meetings

Capture outputs from your team meetings and follow proposals as they are drafted and updated in real time.

Projects and Actions Dashboard

Add, update, sort, and prioritize projects and actions by circle, role, date, and outcome.

Support for GDPR compliance

We’ve migrated our servers to the EU and undertaken a series of projects to assist our customers with maintaining GDPR compliance.

Self-management meets effective software

Multi-Lingual Interface

GlassFrog is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, and Spanish. More languages are on the way!

Integrations and API

Seamless bidirectional syncing with your favorite tools (OmniFocus, Slack, Asana, ToDo, Trello). Respond to asynchronous Governance proposals directly in Slack.

Mobile App

Our new iOS and Android apps let your team access GlassFrog on the go.


Tagging lets your team dynamically organize and cross-reference roles, policies, and people across the organization.

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