bring clarity to your organization

The leading software for role-based teams and collaboration

Empower every employee with guidance from AI advisors that understand your company's context, policies, and goals. Make decisive action, facilitate productive meetings, and lead every project with an agility that keeps you leagues ahead of the competition.
GlassFrog self-management dashboard showing roles and accountabilities for the General Operations team

Rewriting the rules on business

Experience organizational clarity with GlassFrog. Whether you're an individual contributor or a strategic leader, our platform is designed to unlock new levels of clarity, innovation, and agility.

Get clear on who does what

GlassFrog illuminates organization roles, offering crystal-clear visibility into who is responsible for what, and why.

Uncover ownership with role-based org charts

See the different “hats” that people wear throughout the organization, what they are accountable for, how they measure success, and the projects they are currently working on.

Embrace change smoothly with agile adaptations

Adapt swiftly to evolving organizational needs with GlassFrog. Our platform facilitates a clear, agile approach to change management, turning potential confusion into a pathway for growth.
GlassFrog home page for general operations team and the roles within it
GlassFrog dashboard showing a tactical meeting dashboard with live agenda and outputs

Make decisions at light speed

Are you spending too much time in meetings where decisions are far and few between?  GlassFrog streamlines decision making with agile meetings and clear next steps.

Hold meetings with actionable outcomes

Reduce meeting bloat with tactical or governance meetings that have agendas, proposals, and outputs that are updated for all participants in real time, no matter where in the world they are.

Process tensions and proposals in real-time

Propose, present, and implement your ideas with a system that's as agile as you are. With GlassFrog's change management features,  employee-driven change is no longer a pipe dream.

Stay on track with ease

GlassFrog simplifies hitting your targets, offering tools to set transparent goals and foster productive habits.

Align efforts with clear goals and targets

GlassFrog brings clarity to your team's objectives, bridging the gap between individual roles and overarching company goals.

Build better work habits, step by step

Train your team effortlessly with 50 bite-sized lessons to reinforce good operational habits.
Recording a goal and setting a target for the general operations circle in GlassFrog

Crystal-clear governance for strategic oversight

Eliminate the fog of uncertainty that often clouds organizational structures. GlassFrog provides a transparent view of role distributions, ensuring you always know who's steering critical tasks and projects.

Experience enhanced strategic alignment across departments, bolstering coordinated efforts towards shared objectives.
Developers using GlassFrog to change governance within a live meeting
GlassFrog app home page for self managed roles and accountabilities

Foster a culture of proactive innovation

Empower your teams to operate within well-defined spaces of authority, encouraging spontaneous innovation and responsibility.

GlassFrog helps create an environment where decision-making is decentralized, unlocking unparalleled agility and a proactive mindset that keeps your company ahead of the curve.

Make agile change-management accessible and easy

In the fast-paced corporate world, stagnation is not an option. GlassFrog offers a dynamic platform that welcomes change, bypassing traditional hierarchical bottlenecks.

Witness the transformative power of quick, efficient process improvements initiated at all levels, driving your company's unceasing growth and adaptation.
Developers using GlassFrog to change governance within a live meeting

AI-powered clarity.
Human-led innovation.

GlassFrog puts a business-savvy AI companion that knows the company's policies, processes, and structure in the hands of every employee. Get clear on how your organization works so that you can deliver quality work, faster.
GlassFrogs AI assistant helping user to add new policies

Features for the future of work

Where complexity often hinders progress and breeds confusion, GlassFrog stands as a beacon of organizational clarity and employee empowerment. Choose GlassFrog and it's features for a trusted, proven system to support your company's evolutionary growth.
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A team of corporate workers following their self managed leader into a brighter future

Agile Meetings

GlassFrog redefines meetings to be moments of action and clarity, ensuring updates, goals, and next steps are recorded in real time. Reduce meeting bloat and increase the efficiency of meetings.
Explore Agile Meetings
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An agile leader walking a path of clarity through a cluttered space of code, documents, and computer screens

Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives at every level, integrating the process as an essential check-in to your daily operations. Support OKR style goal tracking that ladders throughout the organization.
Explore Goals & Targets
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A marketing team planning their next campaign on a large black board

Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamic nature of your business strategy. Link roles to accountabilities and visualize your organization like never before.
Explore Dynamic Org Charts
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A developer at his workstation surrounded by floating spheres and lines representing data

Inclusive Governance

Democratize change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level, fostering a culture where everyone is a stakeholder and autonomy is granted with explicit authority.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Get a full list of integrations and feature comparisons on our pricing page!

Hear from our satisfied customers

An agile leader walking a path of clarity through a cluttered space of code, documents, and computer screens
Organizational Clarity
"For a team that did not have a clear way to articulate its structure, this has been an extremely helpful tool. We now have shared language and a shared way for thinking about making organizational change. It empowers our team to make the organization function as efficiently as possible."
Sam B
Program Director
A developer at his workstation surrounded by floating spheres and lines representing data
Improved collaboration
“I am part of a team that has used this software for 5 years. It is indispensable for the running of our operation's circle meetings. But even after the meetings it is am amazing repository for keeping track of next actions, projects, roles and accountabilities. Everything we need to support the smooth functioning of the organization is all in one user friendly software.”
Cielle B.
Board of Directors, Health & Welness
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What levels of support do you offer?

For free users, we offer 24/7 email support and knowledge base access. For premium users, get live chat support within the GlassFrog application.

Is self management right for my team?

Regardless if you are practicing Holacracy, Sociocracy or Agile, GlassFrog was built to improve the organizational practice of any team and for any organization. Our software features can be turned on or off to support your unique organization, allowing for full customizations that suit your team, department, or organizational needs.

Can I use GlassFrog if I’m practicing Holacracy?

Absolutely! Although GlassFrog can be used to improved any organization, thousands of companies use GlassFrog as the premier tool for Holacracy practitioners wanting to adopt the Holacracy methodology.

What’s the Habit Support Program?

Practicing self-organization and agile requires breaking old habits from conventional management and learning new ones for self-management. Habit Support was created by Self Management Coach, Chris Cowan and delivers 50 bite-sized lessons to reinforce good  habits. They’re delivered to the inbox of anyone enrolled in the program and can be accessed at any time within the GlassFrog web app.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from holaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.