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Elevate your
agile journey

Agile teams thrive on flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. GlassFrog amplifies these principles with powerful self-management tools designed to elevate your agile practice by cutting through the noise.
the challenge

Evolving beyond conventional boundaries

Even the most agile teams can hit roadblocks with traditional hierarchies and rigid structures. GlassFrog dismantles these barriers, fostering a truly adaptive and responsive agile environment. Unblock the path to clearer agile methodologies with transparent, adaptable structures provided by GlassFrog.
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Steamlining complex team dynamics

Agile teams can get bogged down in complex dynamics and unclear roles. GlassFrog’s transparent accountability system cuts through the complexity, ensuring smooth team operations.
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Reducing ineffective meetings and wasted time

Ineffective meetings and communication gaps can derail agile momentum. GlassFrog’s modular meeting approach and communication tools are designed to optimize team interactions.
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Responding quickly to shifting targets

Keeping up with the agile pace means making quick, informed decisions. GlassFrog’s clear governance and real-time management features enable agile teams to pivot efficiently.
The Solution

Empower agile teams

GlassFrog understands the unique needs of agile teams, offering features that foster collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency.
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Streamlined project management
Integrate GlassFrog with your existing project management tools for a seamless experience. Track progress, manage backlogs, and prioritize sprints in a unified space designed for agile teams.
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Enhanced communication channels
Enhance your stand-ups and sprint planning with GlassFrog's communication tools. Share updates, clarify objectives, and address impediments efficiently to keep your team in high gear.
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Efficient decision making frameworks
Empower team members with the autonomy to make decisions within their roles. GlassFrog supports decentralized decision-making, speeding up the implementation of new ideas.
How it works
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Features that drive agile success

With GlassFrog, every feature is crafted to support the agile methodology, giving your team the edge to outpace competition.

Agile meeting support

Transform your agile ceremonies with GlassFrog. From sprint reviews to daily stand-ups, conduct meetings that are productive and succinct, keeping your team aligned and energized.

Goal-oriented alignment

Use GlassFrog to set clear, measurable goals and align team efforts to achieve them. Track progress and adjust in real-time, maintaining agility in every action your team takes.

Making work seamless

GlassFrog integrates seamlessly with your current project management tools, enhancing your team's ability to conduct effective meetings and align on goals for decisive, agile action.

Unite multidisciplinary teams

GlassFrog unites role and team-based projects, accountabilities, and goals into a single platform. Reassign roles or search for "who owns what" to create unparalleled organizational clarity.

Agile integrations

Seamlessly connect GlassFrog with agile project management platforms like Jira or Asana. Synchronize your tasks and projects for a unified agile experience.
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The benefits

Agile advantages for every team member

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For Developers

Streamline coding to development with a clear, uninterrupted path from coding to deployment. GlassFrog's clarity on roles and tasks means fewer blockers and a smooth transition through each phase of development.

For Scrum Masters

Lead your team to new heights of agility with tools that support scrum values. GlassFrog provides the structure for scrum masters to guide, without imposing unnecessary constraints.

For Product Owners

Prioritize with precision. Balance the product backlog with business priorities with ease. GlassFrog helps product owners refine and prioritize features that deliver value, guided by clear insight into team capacities.
Roles and accountabilities for agile teams within GlassFrog app

Alignment for any circle.
Clarity for every team.

See how GlassFrog benefits any team, of any size, in our product overview.
"[GlassFrog] brings together constantly changing, multidisciplinary teams in circles, so everyone knows what is going on. Thereby Roles are clear and the method and steps provided in the Glassfrog UI forces you not to wander off topic on things that are not important. It keeps you focused."
"The software supports the features we need to support our org structure and related processes and it is matched very well to those needs. I'm not sure how else we would do it without this software. The user interface is pretty good, I can access most features through mobile as well, and the folks that support it are responsive."
"I like that there are a number of features for tracking projects and team activities, like metrics and collecting notes and the kanban-style project review. For meetings it makes it easy to stay in the "holacracy mentality". I also like that I can easily navigate and search not only names but roles, accountabilities, or projects within the organization."
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