Efficient operations

Agile meetings

GlassFrog's agile meeting interface streamlines tactical, governance, and scrum formats, ensuring real-time action, goal progression, and clear outcomes to combat meeting fatigue.

Transform meetings from time wasters to value creators

Are endless meetings draining your team’s agility? GlassFrog revolutionizes the meeting experience, eliminating redundant follow-ups by capturing clear next steps and distributing actionable outcomes as they happen.
The agile meeting interface of GlassFrog showing a standard tactical meeting
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Reduce meeting bloat
Conduct meetings that matter with GlassFrog's templated agendas and live updates, turning every minute into a step towards your goals.
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Create accountability
Ensure that every decision and discussion translates into visible action with GlassFrog's real-time documentation and dissemination.
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Customize your meeting templates
Transform meetings with GlassFrog's customizable interface, aligning the pace of your meetings with your team's unique rhythm.

Propel your team's productivity

GlassFrog’s agile meetings cut through the clutter, empowering your team to focus on what truly matters—action, clarity, and results.
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Meetings reimagined for meaningful impact

GlassFrog's meeting interface ensures every session is purposeful, your calendar is clear, and every discussion drives progress.

Run agile focused sessions with ease

Navigate through various agile meeting formats with GlassFrog as your guide. The live interface keeps everyone in sync, no matter where they are.

Implement changes as they happen

Stay united in every decision with GlassFrog’s governance meeting capabilities. Proposals are shared, discussed, and recorded in the moment, ensuring your governance is as dynamic as your team.
An agile meeting interface showing all agenda items processed and notifying attendees that updates will be sent to their email
Modular meeting templates within GlassFrog showing a drag and drop interface

Custom-fit your meetings for maximum efficiency

Craft meetings that resonate with your organization’s tempo. GlassFrog’s flexibility ensures your meetings are as agile and effective as your team.

Design your meeting flow with custom meetings

GlassFrog's drag-and-drop interface grants you the freedom to structure meetings that perfectly match your team's needs, supporting everything from stand-ups to strategic check-ins.

Stay aligned with live product updates

With GlassFrog’s interface, your team can check in on OKRs and update progress live, fostering alignment and momentum at every organizational level.

Crafting tomorrow's workplace, today

GlassFrog isn't just a tool—it's a blueprint for the future of work. Turn on the features that resonate with your team’s rhythm and watch your organization thrive.

Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives at every level, integrating the process as an essential check-in to your daily operations.
Explore Goals & Targets
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Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamism and growth inherent in your company’s journey.
Explore Dynamic Org Charts
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Inclusive governance

Democratize change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level, fostering a culture where everyone is a stakeholder.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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Does Agile Meetings integrate with other GlassFrog features?

Yes it does! Agile meetings seamlessly integrates with other features in GlassFrog to improve agility and increase clarity. Within the meeting interface, you can add project check-ins, process recorded tensions, or update goals and targets, and much more.

Can I customize the Agile Meetings flow?

Yes you can! Our custom meetings interface allows you to customize each meeting to support strategic check-ins, agile meeting formats like scrum, or traditional self-management formats like tactical and governance meetings.

How does GlassFrog reduce meeting bloat and fatigue?

Agile meetings reduces redundant meetings or "meetings about meetings" through a system that adds live agenda items, processes next steps, and records those actions and who is responsible for them in real time. These next-steps are then shared via email and through GlassFrog for all members of a team, department or organization that needs to know. This clarity and transparency means everyone is informed, whether they attended the meeting or not.

What levels of support do you offer?

For free users, we offer 24/7 email support and knowledge base access. For premium users, get live chat support within the GlassFrog application.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from holaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.