Efficient operations

Dynamic organizational chart

Discover the power of visual clarity with GlassFrog's dynamic org charts, designed to link each role's accountabilities directly with strategic projects and goals, ensuring your resources are precisely aligned where they're needed most.

Visualize the pulse of your workforce

Move beyond static job descriptions to a vibrant mapping of skills and roles. GlassFrog's dynamic org charts bring your team's capabilities to life, ensuring optimal alignment with your goals and allowing you to structure your company in harmony with your strategic vision.
A dynamic organizational chart showing roles and who fills them within GlassFrog
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Complete visibility into team roles
Gain a bird's-eye view of your teams, with crystal-clear visibility into the responsibilities and workloads associated with each role, enhancing transparency across the entire org.
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Strategic alignment for every team
Synchronize team structures with your business strategy. GlassFrog empowers you to assess and distribute key competencies, ensuring a balanced application of skills across the org.
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Drive collaborative transformation
Leverage flexibility to transcend traditional hierarchies. GlassFrog enables you to iterate on current and future org structures, unifying the approach to scaling and evolving your business.

Craft a clear vision for your organization

With GlassFrog, organizational clarity is just the beginning. Our platform adapts to your unique needs, ensuring that roles are defined, meetings are streamlined, and targets are achieved with precision.
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Navigate your organizational evolution with GlassFrog

Align employees with impactful work and foster a culture of efficiency and adaptability. Dynamic org charts not only reflect your company's present but are also the compass to its future.

Create and evolve with interactive org charts

Bring your organizational structure into the digital age with interactive charts that are as flexible as your team, easily adjustable to reflect growth and change.

Master team management with versatile views

GlassFrog's robust platform allows you to categorize teams by skill, project, or any criteria that suit your strategy, optimizing the distribution of talent and resources.
A circular org chart showing the relationships between teams and their roles
A role overview of a business manager showing domains, policies, mission and accountabilities

Make your org framework clear and transparent

GlassFrog doesn't just show you the current state of your org—it enlightens you on the interconnectedness of roles, teams, and their duties, simplifying the complexity of your business structure.

Link roles to transparent accountabilities

With GlassFrog, roles are more than job titles—they're a web of responsibilities and purposes clearly defined for everyone to understand and engage with.

Empower real-time updates to responsibilities

Adapt to organizational changes as they arise. GlassFrog captures shifts in responsibilities and immediately integrates them into your governance, ensuring your structure is always up to date and action-ready.

Features for the future of work

Dynamic org charts are just one piece of the GlassFrog platform. GlassFrog has a wealth of features you can turn on or off to meet the needs of each team, each role, or the entire company.

Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives that become an effortless, integrated process, central to your daily operations.
Explore Goals & Targets
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Agile Meetings

GlassFrog redefines meetings to be moments of action and clarity, ensuring real-time updates resonate with every participant.
Explore Agile Meetings
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Inclusive Governance

Democratize change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level, fostering a culture where everyone is a stakeholder.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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How does Dynamic Org Charts integrate with other features?

Dynamic organizational charts are just the beginning of the organizational clarity that GlassFrog provides. By marrying other features such as Goals & Targets, Inclusive Governance, and Agile meetings, GlassFrog allows you to not only manage the people in the organization, but adapt their goals, projects, and processes to the outcomes desired by the business.  

What are the benefits of this org chart vs a traditional one?

Traditional organizational charts simply tell you who manages who, and who exists in the hierarchy of the company. GlassFrog goes a step further by showing what each employee does in the company, what they are responsible for, and what projects they are working towards. GlassFrog takes multiple people management systems and marries them into one platform for enhanced clarity into your business.

Can I use dynamic org charts with traditional hierarchies?

Absolutely! Although GlassFrog can be used to support horizontal or self-managed teams, our dynamic organizational charts help traditional (vertical) management hierarchies better understand their organizations, create transparency into what each job or role does, and helps to shift people towards evolving business strategies.

What levels of support do you offer?

For free users, we offer 24/7 email support and knowledge base access. For premium users, get live chat support within the GlassFrog application.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from holaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.