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Goals & Targets

Enable your team to achieve organizational objectives by supporting OKRs, KPIs, and other goal-setting frameworks directly within GlassFrog.

Align your teams with clarity

Goals & Targets illuminate your organization’s priorities, enabling every team member to engage in work that is driven and aligned with your ultimate purpose.
The goals and targets interface in GlassFrog showing OKRs for the general operations team
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Chart a clear course for all
Empower your organization by setting and aligning objectives and key results (OKRs) for every department, circle or team.
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Align efforts with strategy
Ensure that the right work gets priority by connecting each goal or target to the roles and projects championing it.
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Visualize goals and their impact
Sustain team engagement by highlighting the direct impact of individual work on the company’s ambitions.

AI-powered clarity.
Human-led innovation.

GlassFrog puts a business-savvy AI companion who knows the company's policies, processes, and structure in the hands of every employee. Get clear on how your organization works so that you can deliver quality work, faster.
GlassFrogs AI assistant helping user to add new policies

Create clarity across your org

With GlassFrog, setting strategic goals and objectives becomes an effortless, integrated process central to your daily operations.

Create goals with a direct line of sight

Align team efforts directly with company vision. GlassFrog enables you to cascade goals across the organization, binding every team, department, and role to the company’s purpose.

Support OKRs, KPIs and more

Establish and track Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or other goal-tracking frameworks to ensure collective awareness and a collaborative effort.

Cultivate collaboration

GlassFrog weaves transparency into your team's collaborative efforts, ensuring everyone is moving in unison.

Align work to Goals & Targets

Individual goal detail pages display the projects, actions, and targets related to each goal, providing a clear view of the work and progress toward achieving your targets.

Infuse goals into your meetings

Add weekly, monthly, or quarterly goal check-ins to GlassFrog's agile meeting interface so you are always on top of your targets.

Boost employee engagement

With Goals & Targets, every team member contributes to achieving success and sees their impact on company objectives.

Keep a steady pulse on progress

Track your organization's progress in real-time, identify obstacles and seize opportunities to achieve key objectives.

Empower bottoms-up communication

GlassFrog allows all employees to suggest changes to goals, projects, and related tasks, making it easy to pivot or set new targets when current ones are achieved.

Crafting tomorrow's workplace, today

Goals & Targets are just one piece of the GlassFrog platform. GlassFrog has a wealth of features you can turn on or off to meet the needs of each team, each role, or the entire company.

Agile Meetings

GlassFrog redefines meetings to be moments of action and clarity, ensuring real-time updates resonate with every participant.
Explore Agile Meetings
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Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamism and growth inherent in your company’s journey.
Explore Dynamic Org Charts
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Inclusive governance

GlassFrog democratizes change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level of the organization.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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How does Goals & Targets cascade through teams?

Goals & Targets allows you to ladder up and support goals at every level. You can set organizational goals that are then supported by goals in each team, circle, department or role - ensuring that the work being done is aligned to your organizations mission.

Does Goals & Targets support OKRs or KPIs?

Yes! Goals & Targets supports the popular goal-tracking framework of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Goals are equivalent to objectives, and targets mirror the key results. Goals & Targets also provides support for a variety of goal tracking frameworks.

How does Goals & Targets integrate with other features?

Great question! Goals & Targets in GlassFrog are especially helpful as they are present in the same system as your role management (dynamic org charts) and meeting interface (agile meetings). This allows you to check-into goals in your meetings, update them in real time, and make adjustments to who owns or is working on a specific project.

What levels of support do you offer?

For free users, we offer 24/7 email support and knowledge base access. For premium users, get live chat support within the GlassFrog application.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from holaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.