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GlassFrog is the first collaboration platform for self-managed and agile organizations, offering AI-powered insights into your company's policies, roles, and accountabilities.

The leader in self-management

GlassFrog was built by the same people who created Holacracy, the most wide-spread self-management framework in the world today, along with seasoned pioneers and coaches in many other methodologies.  We’ve distilled their decades of unmatched expertise into a platform that makes self-management and dynamic organization easy, enabling teams of any size to benefit from unprecedented organizational clarity and agility, while avoiding common pitfalls
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*The full self-management suite includes governance records, tactical and governance meeting interface, projects and next actions, role visualization, and more.

The first AI built for self-management

FrogBot, GlassFrog's AI advisor, provides valuable insights and tailored guidance to help you navigate self-management and transform complaints into proposals.
GlassFrogs AI assistant helping user to add new policies

Why choose GlassFrog?

Choosing GlassFrog means partnering with a leader in self-management frameworks, backed by unparalleled expertise, innovative tools, and a commitment to your organization’s success.

Expertise and legacy

Developed by the creators of Holacracy, GlassFrog is deeply passionate about self-management. Our extensive expertise ensures your organization benefits from features that support your practice and our own.

Accelerated onboarding

Adopting self-management can be challenging. That’s why GlassFrog offers Habit Support, an in-depth training crafted by Holacracy Coach, Chris Cowan. This program accelerates onboarding and promotes ongoing education, helping your team quickly grasp self-management principles.
A circular org chart showing the relationships between teams and their roles
FrogBot suggest helping a team member update an accountability on a role based on a tension

Innovative AI advisor

GlassFrog is the first platform with an AI Advisor that intimately understands your company. FrogBot provides personalized guidance to employees, helping them navigate the intricacies of your organization. Whether it's understanding their role or aligning with governance, FrogBot ensures your team is always empowered.

AI proposal builder

GlassFrog’s AI Proposal Builder transforms employee tensions into actionable proposals. Employees only need to voice their tension, and the AI will guide them through crafting proposals that align with their roles and the organization’s purpose. This innovative tool ensures that every voice is heard and contributes to improvement.

Transparent and simple pricing

At GlassFrog, we believe in straightforward pricing. Our full self-management suite is available under one comprehensive price, with optional add-ons for AI and our OKR system.  GlassFrog offers transparent pricing, ensuring no unexpected expenses.

Seamless migration from HolaSpirit

Switching platforms can be daunting, but GlassFrog simplifies this process with our efficient migration tool. Transitioning from HolaSpirit is smooth and hassle-free, allowing your organization to quickly benefit from GlassFrog.
Linked projects and actions on Goal detail page showing all related work to a target

Crafting tomorrow's workplace, today

GlassFrog isn't just a tool—it's a blueprint for the future of work. Turn on the features that resonate with your team’s rhythm and watch your organization thrive.
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Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives at every level, integrating the process as an essential check-in to your daily operations.
Explore Goals & Targets
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Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamism and growth inherent in your company’s journey.
Explore Dynamic Org Charts
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Inclusive Governance

Democratize change management, inviting insights and inputs from every level, fostering a culture where everyone is a stakeholder.
Explore Inclusive Governance
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Alignment for any circle.
Clarity for every team.

See how GlassFrog benefits any team, of any size, in our product overview.

Our customers say it best

For a team that did not have a clear way to articulate its structure, this has been an extremely helpful tool. We now have shared language and a shared way for thinking about making organizational change. It empowers our team to make the organization function as efficiently as possible.

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Overall our company has become overwhelmingly focused and 10x more productive because of GlassFrog. I like that it keeps everyone and every project very transparent. It's so much easier to stay in the loop on things when you can see what everyone’s working on.

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GlassFrog has really been a great driver in our team. In fact, I've seen our employees grow after having to go through writing a role or policy. The end result is that we have a new role or policy defined in the company with the employee gaining the knowledge of strategic/critical thinking.

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I’ve been using GlassFrog for 8 years and it is the most practicable software for a good Holacracy practice...couldn’t envision a good and mature Holacracy practice without GlassFrog.

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With GlassFrog, I am able to keep my work structured and organized. Glassfrog helps our organization meet our purpose and see information clearly. The material is clear and easy to work with.

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GlassFrog is a vital piece of software for tactical meetings, plain and simple. It helps facilitators and participants alike stay on point and move through tactical meetings efficiently and effectively.

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