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Inclusive governance

Empower your organization with a system designed for clarity and change, where policies, boundaries, and rules are not just known but lived. GlassFrog brings self-managed agility to life, enabling everyone to participate in shaping the future.

Empowerment through precision and autonomy

Effective delegation isn’t just about handing off tasks—it’s about empowering with precision. GlassFrog’s governance structure ensures that autonomy is coupled with clear responsibilities and well-defined boundaries, striking the perfect balance between control and freedom.
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Cultivate team agility
With GlassFrog, teams gain the clarity and autonomy needed to drive projects forward efficiently, liberating them to focus on action over ambiguity.
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Streamline leadership
Introduce a governance framework that guides leaders to empower their teams within clear parameters. GlassFrog's structure supports leadership that's empowering, not overbearing.
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Foster innovation
Unleash your team’s creative potential within a governance system that encourages innovation while staying aligned with your company’s mission.

Unified governance for a dynamic workplace

Embrace a platform where governance meets innovation. Whether you’re adapting established frameworks like Holacracy or crafting your own, GlassFrog provides the tools to make governance inclusive and change impactful.
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Define the framework, empower the change

GlassFrog doesn't just outline the rules—it weaves them into the operational fabric of your organization, fostering a culture where governance drives innovation and agility.

Establish governance with clarity and flexibility

Empower every individual to take part in shaping their roles and influencing team structure. GlassFrog democratizes role definition and evolution, making governance a collective journey.

Illuminate roles for focused action

Transparency in governance with GlassFrog means everyone understands their role and how it fits into the larger picture, minimizing wasted time and maximizing impact.
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Accessible change management for everyone

GlassFrog provides a platform where every suggestion has the potential to initiate change, ensuring that governance is a living, breathing element of your org.

Encourage every contribution

In GlassFrog’s ecosystem, each voice is powerful and every idea has the potential to catalyze change, reinforcing the value of every team member’s insights.

Navigate authority with confidence

Define the scope of empowerment with GlassFrog. Clear boundaries mean clear authority, enabling your team to lead with confidence and creativity.

Features for the future of work

Inclusive governance just one piece of the GlassFrog platform. GlassFrog has a wealth of features you can turn on or off to meet the needs of each team, each role, or the entire company.

Goals & Targets

Set strategic goals and objectives that become an effortless, integrated process, central to your daily operations.
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Agile Meetings

GlassFrog redefines meetings to be moments of action and clarity, ensuring real-time updates resonate with every participant.
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Dynamic Org Charts

With GlassFrog, your organizational chart is alive, reflecting the dynamism and growth inherent in your company’s journey.
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What is a governance meeting? 

A governance meeting is a structured forum where team members come together to evolve their organization's governance records. Unlike traditional meetings, a governance meeting is not for status updates or tactical discussions, but rather to address and update the core rules, roles, and processes that guide the organization's operations. These meetings are characterized by a systematic approach where participants propose governance changes, discuss their potential impact, and make decisions through an integrative decision-making process. The aim is to continuously adapt and refine the way work is done, ensuring that the governance structure serves the organization's purpose and reflects the realities of its work environment.

What are policies, domains, and accountabilities in GlassFrog?

Policies: These are guidelines or rules that dictate how certain aspects of work should be carried out within the organization. They help create predictability and alignment by setting standards and expectations for behavior or decision-making.

Domains: A domain is an area of authority or control that is granted to a particular role or circle (group of roles) within the organization. Domains are defined to clarify what each role or circle has the exclusive right to control, allowing them to operate within that space without outside interference.

Accountabilities: Accountabilities are the ongoing activities or duties that a role is responsible for performing. They provide clarity on what the organization can expect from the role holder, ensuring that necessary work is completed and that others know who is responsible for what.

Together, policies, domains, and accountabilities form the structural backbone of a self-managing organization, clarifying who can do what and under what conditions, fostering autonomy while maintaining coherence and coordination.

Can I use GlassFrog if I’m practicing Holacracy?

Absolutely! Although GlassFrog can be used to improved any organization, thousands of companies use GlassFrog as the premier tool for Holacracy practitioners wanting to adopt the Holacracy methodology. The Holacracy Constitution is readily available within GlassFrog to use as your starting foundation.

What levels of support do you offer?

For free users, we offer 24/7 email support and knowledge base access. For premium users, get live chat support within the GlassFrog application.

Can I import my data from HolaSpirit?

Yes! If you’re migrating from holaSpirit, contact us for a free data import.