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Clarifying the developers path to success

For developers, clarity in roles and processes isn’t just beneficial – it’s essential. GlassFrog offers that clarity, enabling developers to focus on what they do best.
the challenge

Navigating challenges in dynamic environments

Today's developers face unique challenges in ever-changing project landscapes. Complex organizational structures often lead to ambiguity in responsibilities and processes. GlassFrog cuts through this complexity, providing clear, actionable insights for developer.
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Overcoming role ambiguity and process overload

Developers often grapple with unclear responsibilities and overwhelming process requirements. GlassFrog simplifies this by offering clear role definitions and streamlined workflows.
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Tackling inefficient comms and meeting overload

Excessive meetings and unclear communication can severely hinder a developer's productivity. GlassFrog offers templated meeting structures that record every next step and project update in real-time.
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Managing rapidly changing project demands

Adapting to shifting project needs without losing focus is a constant challenge. GlassFrog’s dynamic role adjustments and agile task management keep developers aligned and adaptable.
The Solution

Streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by developers, GlassFrog steps in as the ideal solution, offering a suite of features designed to enhance efficiency and focus.
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Unify role definitions and task management
GlassFrog simplifies your workflow with transparent role definitions and task management, eliminating ambiguity and boosting productivity. It's the clarity you need in the complex world of development.
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Integrations that speak your language
GlassFrog seamlessly integrates with your preferred development tools, maintaining the continuity of your work without the need to switch contexts. It's about enhancing your workflow, not overhauling it.
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Meetings that matter, outputs that impact.
We understand that every minute counts for developers. GlassFrog ensures that meetings are streamlined, relevant, and outcome-focused, respecting your time and contribution.
How it works
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Streamlining developer workflows

GlassFrog intuitively integrates into your daily routine, enhancing your development process without disrupting it.

Direct integrations with dev tools

Seamlessly connect with tools like JIRA and Asana or build custom integrations for your favorite project management tools.

Real-time task tracking and role clarity

Instantly update and manage tasks and roles, aligning with project changes. GlassFrog keeps you informed and in control, reducing the risk of miscommunication or oversight.

Making every meeting count

GlassFrog transforms meeting notes into actionable process improvements. Experience frictionless change that happens in real-time.

Efficient meeting management

Experience meetings that are concise and focused. GlassFrog structures meetings to ensure they are relevant to your role, safeguarding your valuable coding time.

Change management made simple

Make change in real-time with simplified process, governance, and role management built into GlassFrog. Eliminate doubt and get clear on who does what with dynamic operations.
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The benefits

Amplify productivity and job satisfaction

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Enhanced focus & efficiency

Minimize distractions and focus on what you do best - coding. With clear role definitions and streamlined processes, GlassFrog ensures your time is optimally utilized.

Improved communication

Experience smoother collaboration with team members. GlassFrog fosters an environment where information flows freely and efficiently, enhancing team synergy.

Greater adaptability

Stay agile and responsive to changes. GlassFrog supports your ability to adapt quickly, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of project developments.
Developers using GlassFrog to change governance within a live meeting

Alignment for any circle.
Clarity for every team.

See how GlassFrog benefits any team, of any size, in our product overview.
"The ease of use of managing your meetings, be it a tactical or governance, as well as being on par with Holacracy updates. In addition Glassfrog offer continuous pro-tips to improve Holacracy skillset as well as bringing new ideas into the organization"
"GlassFrog is a vital piece of software for tactical meetings, plain and simple. It helps facilitators and participants alike stay on point and move through tactical meetings efficiently and effectively."

"GlassFrog makes it easy to facilitate and follow Tactical and Governance meetings, gives you helpful reminders when you need to do things like role elections, and sends out nicely formatted summary emails from every meeting with clear distinctions of which actions you are responsible for."
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