5 reasons to choose GlassFrog for Holacracy

The most robust tool available to run your Holacracy practice.

For a long time, GlassFrog was the only SaaS product designed to support your Holacracy practice. And there’s a reason for that: we were scratching our own itch. We needed a tool that would not only serve our needs, but help make Holacracy practice easier for everyone. So we made it.

“We” are GlassFrog, the organization that’s at the ground floor of the Holacracy movement and was birthed from HolacracyOne. Because the people behind the Holacracy framework are also the software makers, GlassFrog is the most robust tool available to run your Holacracy practice. It’s specifically designed for a single framework for self-management and custom tailored to fit your needs as a Holacracy-powered organization — including reinforcing the new habits needed for success.

The new GlassFrog UI that launched this year.

5 Reasons to Choose GlassFrog for Holacracy

1. Unparalleled Holacracy support and expertise

GlassFrog, developed by HolacracyOne, stands as the most robust tool for managing your Holacracy practice. It's not just a software solution; it's a product born from the need to streamline Holacracy itself. GlassFrog is intricately designed to cater to the unique framework of self-management, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to adopt or enhance their Holacracy practice.

2. Comprehensive features for every aspect of Holacracy

GlassFrog goes beyond the basics, offering unlimited users, roles, circles, and metrics. Its real-time tactical and governance meeting capabilities, coupled with asynchronous proposals, ensure seamless self-organization. The platform's multi-lingual interface and mobile app support make it accessible and convenient for diverse teams. With features like project dashboards, full API access, and integrations, GlassFrog equips you with everything needed for effective self-management.

GlassFrog offers all of the basics you’d expect from Holacracy practice software and then some. You can also choose between Free forever and Premium plans. Check out some our self-management features below:

  • Unlimited Users, Roles, Circles, Circle Metrics, & Checklist Items
  • Real-Time Tactical & Governance Meetings + Asynchronous Proposals
  • Projects & Actions Dashboard
  • Multi-Lingual Interface (English, Dutch, French, German, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian – and we’re always adding more!)
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Integrations & Full API Access
  • Tagging, Search, & Notifications
  • Live Chat & Email Support
  • Full Organization History and Multi-Organization Access
"We’re committed to making GlassFrog the best option for Holacracy powered-organizations around the world and we’re in it for the long-haul. GlassFrog is as old Holacracy itself. In fact, the software predates the first written Holacracy Constitution!"

3. Exclusive Holacracy learning tools and support

Adopting Holacracy can be challenging, but GlassFrog simplifies this transition. Its unique Holacracy learning tools, including Coach Q&A and Holacracy Health Metrics, are designed to support your journey. These tools, unavailable in other products, provide bite-sized lessons and monthly coaching sessions to reinforce new habits and unlearn traditional management practices.

We also offer monthly Coach Q&A sessions (currently in English and French) with Certified Holacracy Coaches. Hop in to Zoom for a live video chat to get help with any questions you have or issues you’re facing in your Holacracy practice.

4. Seamless Slack Integration That Supports Your Practice

Millions of people are using Slack to communicate at work everyday, whether they’re in an office, remote, or both! GlassFrog helps stay on track with your Holacracy practice and reinforce good habits while using Slack.

Role tagging

When communicating with coworkers, you can tag a role directly in Slack. It keeps you in the habit of making requests of a role rather than a person. It also makes it easier for the role-filler to consider their role when processing.

Asynchronous proposals

Sometimes, you don’t want to wait for a Governance meeting or schedule a special one to make small adjustments the structure of your circle. With GlassFrog’s Slack integration, your asynchronous proposals can appear right in Slack and circle members can respond with one click. Responses are captured in GlassFrog. Easy peasy!

Make & process requests

Do you need to request a project or action of a role? You can do so right Slack. And the role-filler can process your request from Slack, too! They’ll get an instant notification from the GlassFrog bot in Slack when you make the request.

5. Continuous Evolution and Dedicated Support

We’re committed to making GlassFrog the best option for Holacracy powered-organizations around the world and we’re in it for the long-haul. GlassFrog is as old Holacracy itself. In fact, the software predates the first written Holacracy Constitution! It wasn’t started to make money, but to support Holacracy practitioners. And we continue to be driven by that desire above all else.

GlassFrog is committed to evolving alongside the Holacracy movement. It integrates user feedback to enhance its features continually. The platform offers a free migration service for users transitioning from other systems like HolaSpirit, ensuring a smooth switch to GlassFrog. With a dedicated customer support team, GlassFrog is not just a tool but a partner in your Holacracy journey.